Couple of Questions

Has anybody done a full Angel rewatch/reread since ATF ended? I’m about to start season one and I was wondering if anyone had picked up any cool foreshadowing (even if it was unintentional) or had any of their opinions about situations/characters/ships changed post-reading the comics.


Also, where does After the Fall rank amongst the other seasons for you? I’m probably in the minority in that I place it very high (Season 2 is my favorite, but after that is ATF). Would you feel more strongly about it if it had been acted out on screen?

Fic Masterlist, Quotespam, and Fanmix

First: A while ago I decided that, since fic that takes ATF into consideration is so few and scattered, I would start keeping a list of links to all the fic I can find for it- regardless of quality. Here it is, if anyone wants to make use of it. And, if anyone can ever point me in the direction of anything I don’t have on there (I think I’ve gotten everything posted in this comm though) that would be great.

Second: Quotespam here, issues 1-17

Third: I’m not sure if linking to fanmixes is allowed in this community, so if not just let me know and I’ll delete this part. But, I made one here. It’s 13 instrumental songs, designed to be like a television score, for the events of issues 1-17. Warning: there are major spoilers in this post.

And last and least: some really brief, non-interesting-or-intelligent-but-I-thought-I’d-post-them-anyway opinons I had while rereading.


Has anyone heard any songs that remind them of the characters or situations in ATF? Someone recently asked me if I knew any for Angel and Wesley throughout the comics (if anyone has any for them, you would be hugely appreciated!) and it got me to thinking about this in general, but I’m coming up blank as I don’t listen to much music.

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Alright, so random wonderment came upon me while I was watching season 3 of Angel yesterday.
Season three when he is reeling from Connor being abducted to another demension...and sitting there talking to Cordelia about how having a son made him feel like he had a future and a he was started me thinking....lots of people say holding their first child in their hands can be the happiest moment of their lives....and things Angel said would make you think he felt the same way....but if he really did wouldn't he have lost his soul? If having a child made him that happy then it supposively one night with Buffy is more happy than having a child when you are already dead and a vampire and never thought it was possible? This simply doesn't make any sense to me. On top of that...he was so willing to leave Buffy who made him truely happy...but he is willing to kill Wesley for Connor whom obviously didn't create true happiness for him? what what what? Doesn't seem to sinc up and I am looking for thoughts.
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Pictures of Betta George?

Hi guys!

I have an artist working on a comic book style cover for our Angel audio drama and he hasn't seen the comics -- so he doesn't know what Betta George looks like. I tried finding some pictures via Google but no dice.

Does anyone have some nice images I can send my artist of Betta George?